Jump back to the '80s with some of your favourite characters!
Retro character earrings
Rodriguez was born into a wealthy family in Guadalajara, Mexico. Alas he rebelled from his priviledged life, left Guadalajara and formed a group of Banditos to terrorise owls passing through the Laser-Shark Mountains!!
Rodriguez the Mexican Bandito Owl
Rob is a Zombie Owl. He wasn't always though. Poor Rob was asleep on his sofa after a long night of drinking and playing on his games console when unfortunately a zombie caught him at his most vulnerable (e.g. hungover and half nekkid!) and the rest is history.
Rob the Zombie Owl
Rusty is a renowned pirate owl. He spent his younger days sailing the seas with his trusty crew, pillaging and looting other vessels. But now he's looking to settle down and start a semi- law-abiding life on the mainland with a friend.
Rusty the Pirate Owl
Dr Hoo is the owl version of the delightful 10th Doctor Who.
Dr Hooooo Owl (10th Doctor!)
Dr Hoo is the owl version of the delightful 11th Doctor Who.
Dr Hooooo Owl (11th Doctor!)
Cute and colourful owl keyring. With a swivel clip to attach to your bag/purse/coat/keys as you please!!
Owl keyring
Cute and colourful mint green owl in magnet form to brighten up your fridge or magnet board!
Owl magnet


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